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Watch: If you had the Guggenheim Museum all to yourself, what would you do?

I was approached by the Digital Marketing team at the Guggenheim Museum to create a video (as seen above) celebrating the 56th anniversary of their Frank Lloyd Wright building, which first opened to the public on October 21, 1959.

If you had the Guggenheim Museum all to yourself, what would you do?
To be able to create something inside one of the most iconic museums of the world… What a beautiful challenge.


The soft lines of the space and the untainted white atmosphere reminded me of a piano. “Playing the Guggenheim” was an exciting idea. One small problem: I had never played the piano before. So I asked the composer Sebastian Kauderer to create a piano melody for a 15 second Instagram video.


He came up with with a song inspired by the circular shape of the architecture and that translates into a perfect loop. I had to learn how to play his song and fit every movement into the 15 second time frame.


How did I make the video?

By using stop motion technique—(Frame by Frame)—*321 frames total.

It was all shot and edited with an iPhone 6 using the Apple Watch as a remote control in order to snap the photos.

Produced by JiaJia Fei @vajiajia & Grace Franck @gracefranck
Directed by Danilo Lauria @danilolauria
Original Music by Sebastian Kauderer @kauderermusic
Video Assistant: Eric Van Nynatten @ericvannynatten
Special Guest: Paulo Del Valle @paulodelvalle

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