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John Leguizamo Was Told to Change His Name and Avoid the Sun so He Wouldn't Get 'Too Dark'

Here’s Jorge Ramos’ full interview with actor/comedia John Leguizamo about Latinos in media and his HBO solo comedy show, “Ghetto Klown”.

“When I started out acting I was about age 18, 19 we were not the flavor at the time, us Latin people. My agents and casting people would tell me to change my name, to Jon Lee, John Leighton…not to go out in the sun, and tell people I was Italian,” Leguizamo tells Ramos on “America with Jorge Ramos.” “Not to get too dark so I could tell people I was half-French, half-Irish.”

“Now we’re the flavor again. This is the fifth time,” Leguizamo jokes. “This time, we’re 20 percent of the population, over a trillion dollars of buying power, but only 3% of the media.”

Credit: Veronica Bautista

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