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This Is What Arizonans Really Think about Their State's Crazy Laws

Just a few weeks ago Arizona found itself back in the spotlight when the state legislature passed SB1062, also known as the “right to discriminate” bill. Even though Arizona Governor Jan Brewer vetoed the bill, the backlash sparked a debate about gay marriage and religious freedom in the U.S. This wasn’t the first time Arizona passed an “extreme bill” as Arizona state representative Demion Clinco, who is gay, puts it. We all remember SB1070, or the “show me your papers” bill that in many ways became the center of a national dialogue about immigration reform and minority rights. So are the state’s politicians simply reflecting the views of their constituents? Or are they ignoring the will of the people? We spoke to Arizonans of all sides of the spectrum to find out.

Credit: Lindsay Garfield, Randal Sommers, Johanna Usma, Lauren Santa Cruz

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