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The stars of 'Harry Potter' talk about their obsessive superfans

Harry Potter's struggle taught this bullied superfan a valuable lesson

One of the recurring themes of the Wizarding World in the ‘Harry Potter’ series is bullying. In it, Harry Potter endures bullying at home and at school. For some reading the books and watching the films, those scenes were all too real.

Steve Petrick, a ‘Harry Potter’ superfan in Pittsburgh, has a collection worth more than $13,000 in ‘Harry Potter’ memorabilia. He made a YouTube video proclaiming himself as the “World’s Biggest Harry Potter fan.” But to him, this isn’t just a series, the character of Harry Potter has helped him overcome real life bullies. He tells his story to ‘Harry Potter’ actor Tom Felton in Superfans! A Tom Felton Documentary.

Watch part one of the special above. To watch the full documentary, click here.

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The stars of ‘Harry Potter’ talk about their obsessive superfans

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