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Cornel West arrested; video of #FergusonOctober from Fusion's Tim Pool

Protesters seeking justice in the wake of the deaths of Michael Brown and Vonderrit D. Myers, both young black men, are arrested by police during a sit-in at a local QuickTrip gas station.

From Ferguson to Shaw and beyond, the tension in the greater St. Louis area threatens to boil over. Here, you’ll find all the latest news and coverage from @ThisIsFusion and @FusionIsNews.

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UPDATE MONDAY, 12:46 P.M.: Soaked by rain, protesters continued to demonstrate at police headquarters in Ferguson, Mo. Here is the archive of Tim Pool’s livestream.

UPDATE MONDAY, 11:39 A.M.: Fusion’s Tim Pool and Lorenzo Serna are livestreaming as the rain falls in Ferguson.


UPDATE MONDAY, 12:16 P.M.: Activist and professor Cornel West has been arrested during a “Ferguson October” rally in Ferguson, Mo.

Fusion’s Tim Pool and Lorenzo Serna filed this short video about the voices of residents from Ferguson, St. Louis and beyond.

Pepper spray, teargas and batons: clashes between St. Louis protesters and police continue

Pepper spray used on St. Louis demonstrators

Sunday morning social media roundup

Here’s a collection of what Fusion’s team and others were Tweeting, Vining and Instagramming last night.



Here’s what Fusion’s Tim Pool saw, from his perspective, last night in St. Louis. Stay tuned for the latest broadcast, and follow @FusionIsNews.

UPDATE 1:56 A.M.: Pepperspray and flex-cuffs being used on protesters in St. Louis QuickTrip parking lot, police making arrests.

UPDATE 1:30 A.M.: Fusion’s Tim Pool is now livestreaming.

St. Louis area law professors teach the system to change the system

Citizens of the St. Louis area attend a workshop to learn the law and their rights.



Influx of outsiders complicates protests in St. Louis, Ferguson

Ferguson Protests Continue Two Months After Police Shooting Of Michael Brown

Fusion’s Daniel Rivero filed the below photos from Ferguson on Saturday.



A chalk mural in Ferguson, Mo.

A chalk mural in Ferguson, Mo.

UPDATE 11:44 P.M.-12:01 A.M.: Archived Livestream from Fusion’s Tim Pool following protesters Friday night

UPDATE 12:05 A.M.: Tim and his team are repositioning as protesters move to march under threat of arrest. Stay tuned here for the latest live stream, when they get back up and running.


Here are some Vines posted from today’s rainy protest in St. Louis, as shot by Fusion’s Tim Pool.

Fusion’s Daniel Rivero is tweeting as the first of what promises to be many protests winds down Friday evening.

Driving while black: one of the reasons tensions are so high in St. Louis




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