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Rep. Patrick Murphy has some harsh words about Marco Rubio

At just 32, Rep. Patrick Murphy (D) is the second youngest member of Congress, but he’s already setting his sights on a big promotion. In 2016 Murphy will be running for the U.S. Senate in Florida, and, if all goes well, he’ll also become its youngest member.

But what would happen if he suddenly finds himself up against Marco Rubio? If the Republican presidential candidate loses his bid for the nomination, he might choose to run again for Florida’s Senate.

“I announced against him in March because personally I don’t support what he’s been doing—his policies, his votes, his lack of support for things like comprehensive immigration reform.” Murphy told Fusion’s Jorge Ramos in a recent interview. “If he decides to come back, so be it, we are ready for that.”

Murphy also told Ramos that Rubio’s stance against a path for citizenship for the majority of undocumented immigrants in the country—as the son of immigrants—is “terrible.”

“I simply don’t understand it,” the Congressman said.

Murphy also spoke about his decision to leave the Republican Party to become a Democrat. He said it was the rise of the Tea Party movement and “this hateful rhetoric, the finger pointing, the name calling” that helped him change his mind.

“Let me just step back and say that what happened to you is exactly what’s wrong with politics today,” he told Ramos. “That someone, Donald Trump, can do what he did—this hateful and this racist rhetoric, this demeanor—and get away with it, and get praised by certain people and then act seriously about running for President of the United States of America, is uncalled for.”

Watch the full interview below.

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