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Sbarro and 3 Other Brands of Our Youth That Must Change or Die

Remember Sbarro? The popular pizza joint of your youth? Remember burning your tongue on the pizza sauce? Well on Monday, Sbarro filed for bankruptcy for the second time in three years…and as a recovering Pizzatarian, Alicia Menendez feels the pizza chain’s pain. The sad truth is, like CNN, Sbarro has its most captive audience at airports.

Meanwhile, a landmark of your adolescence is changing forever: The SAT Test; commonly known as the Scholastic Aptitude Test Test. The college board announced sweeping changes to the exam, including fewer obscure vocabulary words, providing income-eligible students with waivers for college application fees, and free test-prep services.

And do you remember Radio Shack? It still very much exists, but in a diminished capacity: the electronics retailer announced the closure of up to 1100 locations last week after it dawned on Radio Shack that it is the year 2014.

Finally, no brand has suffered more than Abercrombie and Fitch.

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