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Witness says Mexican students were taken by police before they went missing [Updated]

Update: Authorities have discovered a mass grave outside the town where the students went missing.

In the United States, a missing college student can draw national media attention for weeks.

In Mexico, 44 students from the Ayotzinapa Teacher’s College have been missing since Sept. 25, after a group they were part of had a confrontation with police in the southern state of Guerrero.

Police reportedly opened fire on the unarmed students after they had stolen three buses that were without passengers, and asked the drivers to take them back to campus. At least four students died in the shooting. Authorities have detained 22 police officers who were involved in the incident.

Fusion went to the campus and spoke to the students – including a witness who said he saw some students being taken away in police patrol cars after the shooting.

We also were there for a funeral for one of the students who was killed, and spoke to grieving relatives who are growing more desperate for answers by the day.


Video credits:

Correspondent/producer: Manuel Rueda
Shooter/editor: Jose Maria Alvarez
Producer: Jared Goyette
Editor: Walter J. Collins

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