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Rapper Awkwafina on Iggy Azalea and the changing face of hip-hop

'Ratchet,' 'FUPA,' and the other word Awkwafina can't rap without

Nora Lum is the Brooklyn comedian-slash-rapper Awkwafina. She’s loved by gynecologists the world over because of her song “My Vag.” She’s revered by proud Asian Americans for tracks like “Yellow Ranger,” and she’s beloved by native New Yorkers for her ode “NYC Bitche$.”

Even Harvard nerds have trouble keeping up with her vocabulary, so Fusion’s Alicia Menendez asked Awkwafina, “What are the three words you can’t rap without?”

Check out what Awkwafina thinks of Iggy Azalea:

Credit: Cleo Stiller and Noel Marie Laplume

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