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Meet Gil Fulbright, the most honest politician in the country

The midterm elections are right around the corner. As politicians make their final rounds on the campaign trail, a new candidate has emerged in Kentucky. Gil Fulbright wants to be the next senator from the “The Bluegrass State”. Well… sort of.

Gil Fulbright is actually a fictional character played IRL by veteran actor Frank Ridley, who most recently appeared in the Netflix hit “Orange is the New Black.” He’s playing the part of politician, giving speeches, making ads, shaking hands and kissing babies all over the state . His campaign slogan?

“For the right price, I’ll approve any message.”

His “campaign” is being run by a group called Represent.Us, a non-profit organization working to pass anti-corruption laws across the country. The group’s director, Josh Silver, says they’re using Gil’s fake candidacy to raise awareness about corruption in politics.

“Over 90 percent of the time, data shows the candidate with the most money gets elected,” Silver said. “And that’s the problem, money is determining who gets elected and which laws pass.”

Even though Gil is fake, Represent.Us believes his message is having a real impact. Watch the above video for more.

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