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Why women actually enjoy anal sex

If you saw this headline and clicked, you’re ready for a quick convo about anal sex. Don’t try to scurry out the back door 😉. This will take less than three minutes.

Why are we talking about anal sex? Well, in the days after the FDA approved the first-ever drug to treat female sexual dysfunction, the blog FiveThirtyEight unearthed a dataset from 2009’s The National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior that had everyone like, “Wait, what?”

In a chart breaking down the likelihood of achieving an orgasm by sexual act and gender, one activity stood out from the rest:

The economics of anal sex   Fusion

That’s right. Ninety-four percent of women whose last sexual encounter included anal sex also reported orgasming during the encounter. Granted, the sample size of the women who actually had anal sex was tiny so we can’t draw sweeping conclusions—but still.

Surprised? You’re not alone. The statistic also stood out to Fusion’s financial reporter, Felix Salmon, who usually spends his time discussing money and not the economics of anal sex, as he did in a response.

In his analysis, Felix proposes a few theories as to why women appear to disproportionately climax when anal sex is on the menu. Implied in one of the theories is the idea that anal sex is still a taboo, forbidden, “only-happens-once-a-year-if-you’re-lucky” kind of sexual act.

We think this stereotype suggests that folks who regularly engage in anal sex are somehow naughty or “really kinky,” so we’re taking Felix to task. In reality, both men and women enjoy anal sex for some basic physiological reasons.

It works like this: The region of the body where anal sex occurs is filled with erogenous zones.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 8.29.54 AM

For women, anal sex stimulates the G-spot, which is only separated from the anal canal by very thin layers of tissue. This means some women receive indirect G-spot stimulation from anal sex.

Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 8.30.53 AM

For men, the pleasure comes down to the prostate. Just a couple inches inside the anal canal, the prostate can become engorged during sexual arousal and, when properly stimulated, intensify orgasms.

So there you have it. While we could attribute orgasms during anal sex to a host of reasons, the most likely appears to be: Because it feels good.

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