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'We want change': A view from the ground in Guatemala's street protests

In Guatemala, massive protests have erupted over corruption allegations involving President Otto Pérez Molina. Calls for his resignation are growing after an investigation lead to the recent arrest of his former vice president.

As the protests mount, even U.S. fast-food franchises are showing support for the demonstrations by closing shop and allowing employees to take to the streets.

“We want a new government, we want freedom, we don’t want any more corruption in this country,” a young protester told Fusion’s Alicia Menendez, who is on the ground for AMERICA.

So far the president has said he has no plans to step down, and now the country’s congress is evaluating the possibility of stripping him of his political immunity.

Could this be a Guatemalan spring? You can catch the full story coming soon on Fusion.

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