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Sure, Manchester United, we believe you were after Neymar all along

Neymar was linked to Manchester United by the British press this week.

What a laugh that is. Smells like off-the-record press briefings from United’s PR department to me.

Apparently Man Utd’s CEO Ed Woodward was not just in Barcelona on Friday to tie up the Pedro deal. But he was also there to open negotiations on summer 2016 move for Neymar.

Image (2) neymar_alves.gif for post 61197

Apparently Neymar does want to play in England at some point in his career.

But I expect that Neymar’s agent saw how Sergio Ramos used United’s interest to get himself a better Real Madrid contract and is trying something similar for Neymar’s next Barca deal.

Some advice to Manchester United: Don’t get hustled. Again.

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