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Dress codes, plagiarism, and more back-to-school lessons

Most students probably remembered to bring wide-ruled paper, sharpened pencils, and an apple for the teacher this year—but tbqfh, we’re not worried about them. We’re worried about everyone else, who should’ve learned by now that:

  • Kicking girls out of school for exposed shoulders or knees because it’s “distracting” to boys in class is essentially sexualizing and punishing girls because some students have short attention spans. Stop blaming ankles for the fact that kids are having a tough time with calculus.
  • Aggregation is essentially curation on a larger scale; plagiarism was, is, and forever will be stealing. Quit making excuses for uncreative thieves who reap the benefit of never having to do any work aside from cropping out sources and posting them to their garbage social media accounts.
  • And yes, global warming is real and the flu is real and please just try to make the world a better place than when you found it it’s really not that much to ask.

Good luck this year, class!


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