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Here are the film and TV cameos of the 2016 presidential candidates

Throughout this campaign, members of both major parties have made gaffes of differing degrees of make-or-break-the-campaign-ness.

However, most of these people should be used to making terrible mistakes while speaking: just check out these cameo appearances they’ve made on TV shows and in Hollywood films.

If anything was going to sink Bernie Sanders, it just might be his role as “Rabbi Manny Shevitz” in the 1999 classic My X-Girlfriend’s Wedding Reception. Donald Trump may look unstoppable now, but perhaps he can be deterred with a script like the one he struggled reading through in 1989’s Ghosts Can’t Do It. Does that “It” refer to “fall in love?” You’ll have to watch and find out while enjoying the valiant attempts at acting/personality-possessing by 7 other candidates.

Video by Michael Hull

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