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Palestinian Ambassador Talks Gaza Crisis, ISIS and Prospects for Peace

Fusion’s Jorge Ramos spoke with Palestinian Ambassador to the United Sates, Maen Areikat, about the recent war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza, the threat of ISIS spreading beyond Iraq and Syria, and the prospect of peace in the Middle East.

When asked whether it is possible for the Palestinians to successfully negotiate with Israel, Amb. Areikat, who heads the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s delegation in Washington D.C, replied that it is possible and has been done, but would only be feasible if root causes for the conflict were addressed.

“You have to understand, these military confrontations have taken place three times so far in the last five years,” Ariekat said. “Unless there is a serious effort to deal with the underlying political causes of this conflict, which is, in my view, the continuation of the Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian people and the blockade on the Gaza strip, unfortunately we may see more of this kind of violence.”

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