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Sofia Vergara loves the smell of success - particularly in the form of her own perfume

Sofia Vergara is successful, funny, and sexy. She’s been nominated for Emmy Awards and Golden Globes. She’s starred in multiple movies, including Jon Favreau’s recent indie “Chef.” Vergara is probably best known for playing Gloria on the ABC hit TV show “Modern Family,” which has won five Emmys. But she’s more than just a talented actress: She’s a businesswoman and has her own clothing line, furniture collection, and now, fragrance.

It’s called Sofia By Sofia Vergara.

“For decades, I’ve been dreaming of having my own fragrance. We worked for a year to get the special scent that I wanted,” Vergara said.

Her commercial for her fragrance borders on irresistible. Watching it once will make you want to bathe in her fragrance. You can only imagine what would happen if you watched the commercial twice…

I wanted to learn her secrets to sexiness so I asked for a few tips.

“Modern Family” premieres its sixth season this Wednesday on ABC.

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