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Scientists and tech experts know how to make the perfect high

How to make marijuana wax, the 'meth of the weed world'

If you’re tuned into the world of cannabis, you know ‘dabbing’ is the latest way people are getting high. It involves consuming highly concentrated forms of marijuana made from extracting THC using butane gas, resulting in a hard, wax-like preparation. It’s called ‘dabbing’ since it only really takes a dab to do you in.

Average concentrates range from 60-90% of potency for any specific type of cannabanoid (the compound responsible for marijuana’s psychoactive effects); the highest potency marijuana gets to is about 30%. But making wax–or ‘blasting’ it–can be somewhat of a dangerous process, especially when amateurs try it.

The Cannabusiness Report’s Ryan Nerz visited TC Labs in Colorado to see how blasting works firsthand, and the result of doing it the high-tech way.

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