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This is what we know about the soccer hooligans fighting before the New York derby

Fans of the New York Red Bulls and NYCFC got in a fight before Sunday’s MLS game.

After watching Green Street Hooligans one too many times, it appears it finally sunk in. The only way to prove that you’re really hardcore about New York soccer is to fight on the streets of Newark, N.J.

Before we get to the fight, let’s look at this rivalry.

Sunday marked the third and final regular season meeting between the Red Bulls and New York City FC. Whether you call it the Hudson River Derby or #nycsoccerwarz or That Thing I Saw On Fox Last Night, this rivalry has grown to a size and intensity that not even the most optimistic MLS marketing executive could have anticipated.

And then this happened:

Who are these people?

First of all, shout out to Newark. Brick City, you deserve better than this. These men that Darwin forgot are the Garden State Ultras, a Red Bulls group dead set on emulating Europeans and the casuals style of support where they don’t wear team gear so they can hide in plain sight from authorities. On the City side of this crapfest is Batallon Cuarenta Nueve, a self-described “brotherhood of Hispanic-american skinheads.”

Yes, groups like this actually exist in MLS.

And why are they fighting?

Long story short, these two groups got into it outside Yankee Stadium when the teams last met in June (also a Red Bulls win). It looks like this group of City fans headed to Newark to settle a good, old fashioned Austrian soda vs. United Arab Emirates domestic soccer turf war once and for all.

I haven’t been paying attention. Is this sort of thing common in MLS?

No. Not on this scale. I mean wherever you have drunk dudes, sports, and levels of testosterone that would would be better suited to wrangling t-rexes at Jurassic World or something, skirmishes happen, but I can’t remember anything like this.

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