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Fusion's Jorge Ramos on what he learned covering the 2016 race

Some major issues were missing from the first GOP debate

The Republican debate last week was the most watched primary debate in television history. The three Fox News moderators behaved as true journalists, quizzing the candidates on issues from ISIS to Planned Parenthood. But they left out some pretty big topics that are crucial to young voters, a key demographic that Republicans will need to work hard to tap in to.

Alicia Menedez, host of Fusion’s Come Here and Say That pointed out, “We didn’t hear anything about college affordability, we didn’t hear about student debt forgiveness, we didn’t hear about jobs for those who are just entering the job place.”

Alicia joined Fusion’s Jorge Ramos, Alexis Madrigal and Collier Meyerson to discuss what was said–or rather, what wasn’t–in last week’s debate.

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