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Happy National Voter Registration Day! The Midterm Elections are just six weeks away (November 4th) but according to the Harvard Institute of Politics only 23 percent of us will be showing up to the polls. That’s a sad and disappointing number that has actually decreased 11 percent in only five months. So, why are the numbers so low? Fusion’s Alicia Menendez sat down with the President of Rock the Vote, Ashley Spillane, who said our generation “just isn’t seeing politics as the way to resolve issues and address problems.”

There’s a lot of truth in that statement, our generation just doesn’t trust Washington. But maybe it’s because Washington is run by a bunch of middle-aged white folk–we can’t relate to that! The solution? Spillane says, “The more our political representation looks like the people in the country, the better off we are.” #truth

So, young people of America… it’s time to dust off those political science text books and start considering what it might be like to run for office. This way, we’ll finally have some candidates that we can feel good about.

Now that you’re done watching the clip, go register and vote in November!

Credit: Johanna Rojas and Andrea Torres

Fusion has partnered with Rock the Vote to urge people to register to vote. Registering is easy, do it right here by filling the form below

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