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OkCupid's co-founder on racism and political biases in online dating

Finding love online is definitely less taboo these days. It’s almost weirder if you are single and not using an online dating service. There are so many options out there: Match, Tinder, EHarmony….But one dating site helped revolutionize the way we find love: OkCupid.

The site’s founders used math and data to build the site’s popularity – and while that sounds pretty boring, they took the info they found on our profiles and started a blog called OkTrends. The blog was a huge hit and is now a book by one of OkCupid’s founders, Christian Rudder.

In the book, “Dataclysm: Who We Are (When We Think No One’s Looking)€”,” Christian writes about dating data that caught his eye over the years of analyzing trends when it comes to online profiles.

Racism, specifically, caught his eye: “Being an american i expected there to be a certain racial component to it​,” Rudder said. “But I was surprised at how pervasive and how deep the biases are in the data. So I saw the same exact pattern on OkCupid as on a site called Date Hookup which is totally different has a different demographic​….​and then I found the pattern doesn’t change over time…. It’s a very stubborn situation. Most people understand racism exists but it’s very interesting to see, the numbers give some clarity to an otherwise very emotional topic.”

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