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Don't be too quick to judge Ray Rice, Dr. Ben Carson says

Political commentator, author and retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson believes the public has been too quick to judge former NFL running back Ray Rice following his now infamous domestic violence incident.

“How do we know that that’s not an isolated incident?” Carson said in an interview with Fusion’s Jorge Ramos on Monday. “That he got extraordinarily angry or reacted in a way that he doesn’t normally do? How do we know that?”

Carson argued that Rice was being singled out because his incident was caught on video, while others had done “similar things or worse but nothing happens.”

He went on to say that people were also too quick to judge Rice’s wife, Janay Palmer, for her decision to stay with her husband.

“It hasn’t occurred to some people that maybe she loves him?” Carson asked. “And maybe he loves her? And maybe they actually have a deep relationship? Why must everyone always assume the worst?”

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