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Like SNL's Darrell Hammond, Joe Cipriano knows what it's like to be the voice for a show

Starting Sept. 27, the new voice of “Saturday Night Live” will be a familiar face — former cast member Darrell Hammond. You know him from his spot-on impersonation of Bill Clinton.

Last month, SNL’s legendary announcer Don Pardo passed away at the age of 96. He’s the guy behind the famous phrase, “It’s Saturday Night Live!” Always delivered in his signature tone.

MORE: Remembering the voice of Saturday Night Live’s Don Pardo

Pardo had been in poor health for a while, and viewers may not realize that on some shows Hammond had already been doing the job. His Pardo impression was that good. Pardo himself talked about it in an interview the Emmy organization.

Hammond already has experience, but what’s it like to trade in the camera for a microphone?

Fusion Live recently spoke with longtime announcer Joe Cipriano. He’s been the voice of FOX and CBS for years, as well as countless other outlets, recording his lines from his home studio in Los Angeles. Cipriano tells Fusion about the ways the recording world has changed over the decades.

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