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Scott Rogowsky plays host of 'AM Tonight,' interviews special guest Alicia Menendez

According to Scott Rogowsky, host of “Running Late with Scott Rogowsky,” he’s interviewed kings, presidents, Regis Philbin and Raekwon the Chef ((https://twitter.com/Raekwon)). All very impressive, yes, but Scott has landed the most important interview of his career: the host of Fusion’s AM Tonight, Alicia Menendez. And to make it sweeter, he’s doing it from the set of Menendez’s own show.

Need more of a reason to watch? Let us entice you. One of Menendez’s claims to fame is that she was one of the first five hundred Facebook users, having been a classmate of Mark Zuckerberg.

“Did [Zuckerberg] ever steal any ideas from you?” Rogowsky asked.

“I wish, because then I’d at least be locked in litigation with him,” Menendez lamented.

But the real AM Tonight host still has her act together. And as Rogowsky tells us, Alicia is “the woman living my dream.” Amen.

Menendez did a pretty good job interviewing Scott as well. Watch:

Credit: Cleo Stiller, Bianca Perez

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