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Sir Mix-A-Lot talks weed, rap and booty

The evolution of the butt in pop culture owes a huge debt to Sir Mix-A-Lot. In the early ’90s, a time when skinny bodies were the physique du jour, the man known as “Mix” created a hit song that confirmed women should be proud of a little roundness on the backside. While he was recording in his hometown of Seattle, Sir Mix-A-Lot admits that most of his fellow rappers and producers were total potheads. But while the love of booty is commonplace among hip-hoppers, Mix was unique in that he…never smoked weed.

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But he still has plenty to say about the subject, as well as why he should have played a role in Nicki Minaj’s “Anaconda” video, the one that samples “Baby Got Back”: “I would have liked to play Drake’s part because Drake is good looking and slim. That’s not the guy hanging around strip clubs tryin’ to cop a feel. I’m the guy! I’m ugly and fat – that’s why I should have done it. I’ll smack asses all day long!”

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