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WTFlorida: Tree service advertises kids with chainsaws

We’ll start off in Jacksonville, in northeast Florida, where you have to give it up for the creative thinking of a thief–or possibly group of thieves. If you don’t have the guts to rob a bank during daylight hours, there’s always the option of the ATM.

But how do you rob an ATM? If you’re a criminal in Florida, you get creative! How about stealing a forklift that’s worth more than whatever’s in the ATM—then unsuccessfully making away with both? Check First Coast News for the full story.

Next up we’ll travel to Sarasota, where this burglar had one job: to, you know, burgle. Instead, he fell asleep in the bedroom of the house he was trying to rob, only to be discovered by a cleaning lady. He fell so deeply asleep, in fact, that the county sheriffs managed to take this photo when they arrived:

It wouldn’t be a true #WTFlorida without an entry from Tampa—so let’s go there and meet the woman who wants to make haute couture purses out of your dog’s hair. Click here to read all about it.

Lastly, here’s a bonus. Will this tree trimming service send this child with a chainsaw to take care of old stumps, or a different one?

Graphics by Anthony Mendolia

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