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Credit score in a pit? Here are 5 steps to make that score soar

Having a healthy credit score can bring you many pretty things in this life. It can mean the difference between getting a loan for a new car or sticking with dad’s ’97 Camry or buying your dream house when you feel you’re ready.

“Your credit score can have a direct impact not just on your ability to borrow money, but on your quality of life,” former Editor-in-Chief of The Daily Worth, Jennifer Barrett, told Fusion. “Insurance companies, cable companies and even utility providers use your credit score to determine the rates or deposit amounts to charge you. And if you do qualify for a loan, your score determines how much interest you’ll pay. A good — or a bad — score can mean a difference of tens, even hundreds, of thousands of dollars you’ll owe.”

Lets keep those rates low. Here are her five tips for cranking up that credit score to 750 and beyond…

1. Automate your bill payments

2. Keep your debt utilization ratio low

3. Don’t close your credit cards (even if you don’t use them)

4. And on that note, if you have cards you’re not using, start using them. It’s important to keep your credit cards in an “active” state. Use the card once a month for a $10 purchase that you can pay off right away.

5. Have various forms of credit (i.e. utility bills, cell phone bills, store credit cards etc.)

Fair warning: it can take months for your credit score to increase, even if you follow all of these steps. So the most important thing to do is stay patient and keep on hustling until that credit score soars!

Credit: Johanna Rojas

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