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Burning Man through the eyes of kids

Sixty-six thousand people attended Burning Man this year, and more than 200 of them were children. When Fusion producers found out there was a designated camp for kids and families in the desert, we were stunned. They call the camp Kidsville.

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Why would a parent ever bring their child to an event known for its adult themes? “People think it’s this crazy wild place, but Burning Man is really what you make of it,” Dawn Grey, the ‘Mayor’ of Kidsville, told us. “We have a really nice community here… we all watch out for our kids and for each other,” she continued. While we were there, we went on art tours, played on the trampoline and watched the kids square off toe-to-toe in a Mad Max style thunderdome.

As an outsider, the scene is still pretty shocking. Our crew came away thinking that even though this scene isn’t for everyone, for die die-hard burners, there’s no way they’re leaving their kids at home.

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