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Our turn: Mississippi residents want the Confederate symbol out of their state flag

Now that the Confederate flag has finally been taken down from the Capitol Statehouse grounds in South Carolina, eyes are shifting to another Southern state: Mississippi, whose state flag bears the symbol of the Confederacy in the top-left corner.


In every city, county, and state building across the state, the flag continues to fly high. Recently, some of the state’s residents have been speaking out on the issue, urging their state to reevaluate the flag, which for many is a symbol of hate and racism.

Even the state’s speaker of the house has come out in favor of tweaking the state flag. “As a Christian, I believe our state’s flag has become a point of offense that needs to be removed,” the Republican told a local paper.

Will Mississippians follow the lead of South Carolina and take action to remove the Confederate symbol? Redesigning a state flag is more complicated than taking one down from a flagpole. And less than 15 years ago, the state voted decisively not to change the flag.

But according to the people Fusion talked to in Mississippi, it’s time to do just that.

Archival footage courtesy of Broadcast Media Group, Inc.

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