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3D Printed Candy Looks Cool, Tastes Good

3D printed food has been touted as the possible future of cooking, a way to revolutionize kitchens and let everyone play master chef at home. Until recently it cost more than the average person could afford, but new products are being released that make it more accessible (if still expensive) for the average consumer.

One product is ChefJet 3D printer from 3D Systems which can manufacture chocolate and candy products in a variety of flavors, including chocolate, vanilla, mint, sour apple, cherry and watermelon. It will retail for $5,000 later this year. 3D Systems have also signed a deal with Hershey’s this January, which leads us to believe we’ll have some 3D chocolate goodness coming soon.

This lets 3D Systems join the ranks of the other 3D printers aiming for the edible market, including Foodini and the Cornell Creative Machines Lab. Watch this space.. Interesting things will happen over the next year.

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