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‘Do you play ultimate frisbee?’ Comedian Jenny Yang asks white voters the really important questions

The perfect makeup for misrepresenting your race

At Maybelon, we have a makeup for every complexion. Whatever your skin tone, we can make you look like a flawless, beautiful member of any race you desire.

Maybelon – Your secret is safe with us 😉.


Director – Nic Stanich
Head Writer – Beth Appel
Producer – Will Reese
Executive Producer – Daniel Eilemberg
Executive Producer – Eric Bromberg
Writers – Nick Ciarelli and Bradford Evans
Contributing Writer – Georgie Aldaco
Featuring – Phoebe Neidhardt
Director of Photography – Carissa Dorson
Editor – Mason Haskins
Makeup – Kathleen Pardo
Sound Mixer – Ed Spangler
Production Assistants – Trevor Reece, Rob Gentile

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