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Lindsey Graham: "I would take the Republican party in a new direction on immigration"

Senator Lindsey Graham wants to “take the Republican party in a new direction on immigration.”

On Tuesday, he told Fusion’s Jorge Ramos he prefers a “long, hard-earned pathway to citizenship,” for undocumented immigrants living in the U.S. “Those who are not felons, those who haven’t had multiple misdemeanor violations,” he said, should ultimately be allowed to become U.S. citizens.

The presidential hopeful has been vocal in his opposition to the GOP’s stance on immigration. He said over the weekend on Face the Nation that Republicans should acknowledge that “self-deportation,” was a mistake. He said of the controversial policy, “I hope self-deportation is in our rear view mirror, as a party, because, if it is not, we will lose in 2016.”

But the Senator added that he does not support President Barack Obama’s Executive Actions on Immigration, announced back in November. The actions promised deportation relief to millions and has since stalled. “The executive orders should be substituted by statutory solutions to this problem.” But, he added on the program, “I would not deport those people who are here under the executive order.”

So how does Graham plan on solving the immigration stalemate?

“I believe I have the leadership ability to bring us together,” he said, adding that as President Graham, “I would insist that the Congress solves this problem.”

Watch the full interview:

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