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Adrian Grenier tells us how to fake our way through an 'Entourage' movie convo

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Four years after the TV show finale, the guys of “Entourage” return with a move to the big screen tonight. (In fact, the “Come Here and Say That” team got so pumped, we made our own version of the movie trailer — watch that here.)

When we met up recently with star Adrian Grenier in Miami, he assured us the “Entourage” movie is a standalone work — it’s meant to attract a new audience, and makes perfect sense if you’ve never seen the show.

Still, we hate to seem like we’re behind on a huge pop culture moment. So we had to ask him how to fake our way through a bar conversation about the series, and in turn, the context for the movie. Here’s his tip, so use it wisely before you go check out the film in theaters this weekend.

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