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Comedian Chris Gethard recalls the glorious tale of how he quit his day job

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Comedian Chris Gethard — whose new show, “The Chris Gethard Show,” launches on Fusion this Thursday, May 28 — has always kept his foot in a couple of worlds. Before diving straight into comedy, as a young teen, he started out professionally working for “Weird New Jersey,” an off-beat travel magazine that published his work at first without realizing he was barely high school age.

Just a little while later, he took his first improv class, and things gradually snowballed from there. Finally, one day, he suddenly got a dream offer and had to completely drop his life as he knew it.

Gethard recounted it all to Fusion’s Alicia Menendez. Check out the interview above, and if you’re facing a potentially life-changing decision, just take these words to heart from him. “It’s not that scary to fail,” he says. “It’s scary not knowing if you’re going to fail.”

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