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ABC's John Quiñones says growing up poor was the basis of his success

No one understands human behavior quite like John Quiñones. As the host of ABC’s What Would You Do?, which puts people in uncomfortable situations as hidden cameras capture their reactions, he’s pretty much seen it all. But after nine seasons and over 400 different scenarios, Quiñones says he’s still surprised.

“The person you expect would jump in and do something right, doesn’t, and the person who you would think will never do the right thing, turns out to be a teddy bear,” the ABC host told Fusion’s Jorge Ramos. “So we’re constantly surprised by who steps in and the way they do it.”

To celebrate ten years on television (season 10 airs this Friday, May 29), Quiñones spoke to Ramos about why the show is the ultimate reality show, what life as a migrant worker in San Antonio, Texas was like, and his recently published book, What Would You do?: Words of Wisdom About Doing the Right Thing.

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