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Mexican-American, California native Becky G gave the world one of last year’s most inescapable hits – “Shower,” an effervescent pop anthem custom-made for singing in its titular space. And as that song rose to peak at number 16 on the Billboard Hot 100, suddenly, Becky was everywhere – singing at awards shows, collaborating with mega-hitmaker Dr. Luke. Oh, and this year, she finally turned 18.

Becky says growing up in the harsh industry glare as a teen came a little easier for her to navigate than others, thanks to a strong family bond. But the biggest lesson she’s learned? It’s okay to be a little different. And for support in trying to be a normal young woman in a world of divas, she leans on her fanbase, the Beasters.

“Not everybody gets me,” she told us recently in Miami. “You can be sitting in a room with so many people and feel, not alone, but like, disconnected from people. And I feel like when I’m with my fans, they get me.”

We chatted with Becky about love from the Beasters, how Pitbull is her surrogate, good-smelling uncle, and why she’s so into her new single, a remix of “Can’t Stop Dancin,” featuring J Balvin. Get all the good stuff in just 90 seconds in this video. Easy!

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