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This Austin political trainer mansplained to a room full of women...how to deal with women

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Employees of the city of Austin were recently put through special training on dealing with city council members. The training involved ways of improving communication skills and practicing patience.

So, are you paying attention, Congress? This is the kind of progress we need to see in government. There’s only one tiny issue.

Yep — the training was ordered because, for the first time, Austin’s City Council is predominantly made up of women.

In the training, one speaker said women talk too much, require patience, don’t like numbers, and so on. In other words, he mansplained to a room full of women … how to deal with women.

The assertion from the training is that women make political decisions based on our gender. But in real life, there’s not a girls’ party and a boys’ party. The world of politics isn’t a seventh-grade dance. And if it were, the boys would be on the bleachers, sulking by themselves.

If people were held accountable for political decisions based on gender, men would be exiled from politics.

But nobody wants that. Sexism is boring.

Assess people individually, not by gender. For example, we won’t roll our eyes at this training guy because he’s a man. We’ll roll our eyes at him because he’s an asshole.

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