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'Pitch Perfect 2' actress Chrissie Fit explains how she survived Barden Bella bootcamp

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Cuban-American, Miami native Chrissie Fit makes her big-screen debut tonight with the official release of “Pitch Perfect 2.” But as thrilling as the gig is, her first day on set wasn’t exactly an emotional cake walk, she recalls.
In the movie, she plays Florencia Fuentes, a new student to join the Barden Bellas acapella group. And in real life, she experienced some new-girl nervousness too.
“I was excited on the way there, but once I got to the hotel room and realized I was going to meet all these incredibly talented women the next day, I was like, nervous,” she says. “So it was kind of hard to get some good rest, but once I got there, Elizabeth Banks was the one who brought me down to rehearsal and made the transition really smooth. And everyone’s so nice and amazing–right away we became friends.”
As a new member, though, Fit had to go complete all the activities required of all the other Bellas. “Bella Bootcamp” is an actual thing. “Some days we went full out, and I was like, ‘Are we training for like an action film?’ I didn’t understand what was happening,” she says. “Other days, we were just focused on the dancing, which was is also a great work out, you know?”
As tough as the bootcamp may have seemed, Fit didn’t come completely unprepared for her acting turn. In the past she’s appeared on “General Hospital,” the Disney Channel’s “Teen Beach Movie” and “Teen Beach Movie 2,” and in “Filly Brown,” which also starred Gina Rodriguez.
Fit hopes to follow that co-stars foot-steps in making inroads in Hollywood for Latinas. “It has been better, [but] I think that we still have a long way to go,” she says. “I think that we need more writers, more producers and more executives that are Latinos so that we can be represented even more.”
She says she particularly admires Eva Longoria, Sofia Vergara and Jennifer Lopez, because they’re all “creating content.” “They’re all doing things for Latinas that are universal, and that people identify with whether they’re Latino or African American, Caucasian, because it’s all the same stories, just with different colors on the screen,” Fit says.
We caught up with the actress at “Come Here and Say That” to hear more about all of this. Check out her interview above, and catch her in theaters in “Pitch Perfect 2” starting tonight, Friday, May 15.

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