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Online counseling service reminds you why your barista is not your therapist

If there’s one thing that I learned during my three years as a barista in college, it’s that damn, people have issues. And they want to tell you all about them, especially as you’re steaming their milk at 5:30 in the morning. The best I could do was listen, though sometimes I wished I could do a bit more than that. Like slip a couple Ativans in their sugar-free vanilla lattes. But alas, I was no “baristapist.”

What is a “baristapist,” you ask? Well, according to this ad (from the people who brought you those amazing HelloFlo ads), she’s an uncertified, borderline charlatan/self-proclaimed “therapist.” The ad is promoting In Your Corner, an online counseling and coaching service that offers “instant expert support when you need it.” (Full disclosure: I blogged for the service before coming to Fusion.)

The darkly goofy takeaway? Back away from “baristapists.” The best person to talk to about your personal issues is a certified counselor.

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