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John Oliver on Jon Stewart: 'I owe him everything'

John Oliver’s status as wildly successful host of the eponymous Last Week Tonight with John Oliver doesn’t mean he’s forgotten his Daily Show roots. “[Jon Stewart] literally taught me how to do everything I am doing now. All the things I’m doing are the direct result of lessons I was taught by him,” Oliver told Fusion’s Jorge Ramos in a recent interview, adding: “I think it’s pretty much an objective fact I owe him everything… all I’m doing now is using the muscles he gave me.”

Oliver is flexing those muscles weekly on HBO, which just renewed Last Week Tonight for another two seasons (the show is currently completing its second). Oliver’s incisive analysis also got the attention of the Writers Guild of America. This year, the voters granted the coveted WGA Award for a Comedy/Variety Series to Last Week Tonight, which means the new show beat out veterans like The Colbert Report, Saturday Night Live, Jimmy Kimmel Live and The Daily Show With Jon Stewart.

The Emmy winner also offered some words of advice for Jon Stewart’s Daily Show successor, Trevor Noah. “He will do his own thing. That will be the best thing for his show.” After all, Oliver added, “you can’t replace the greatest person to ever have done this thing.”

Don’t miss the full interview, airing Tuesday, May 12 at 10 pm EST on Fusion.

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