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Chris Gethard's fans matched up Star Wars characters with soccer stars

The Chris Gethard Show is coming to Fusion at the end of the month (May 28), but in the interim, Chris is making friends and influencing people around his new television home.

Consider the impact he had on last night’s show. Not only did he bring his synergistic goodness to The Soccer Gods set, but he brought the power of his fan base, who had very specific feelings about which Star Wars characters lined up with famous people in the soccer world.

They had some good suggestions.


That one’s pretty on point. Nien Nunb is a tiny character who came up big once. Rooney was only good in Euro 2004. Okay fine, it’s more because they look the same.


This one’s more about the name. Lando. Landon. Get it?


Both are effortlessly cool. We’ll allow it.

And we all know FIFA’s boardroom looks exactly like the room where Darth Vader choked that dude. Compare. This is an actual picture of FIFA’s boardroom in Zurich, Switzerland:


And here’s Vader choking a bitch:

And in case you haven’t seen it (not possible as it has 67 million views), the trailer for The Force Awakens:

Tune into The Chris Gethard Show live stream Tuesday, May 26th at 10 p.m. ET.

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