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Futurestalgia: Where the f*** is my lightsaber?

Over the years, technological innovation has delivered on many of sci-fi’s promises —Apple Watches, self-driving Google cars, Siri. But from Star Wars to Back to the Future, there’s an entire realm of fantasy technology that never quite materialized. What happened to flying cars, robotic cops, and pizza that goes from the size of a silver dollar to a piping hot pie in 10 seconds?

Futurestalgia is a Fusion original web series that combines our nostalgia for the big ideas of the past and our interest in the real science of the future. In every episode, we’ll look back at an awesome future-tech object from pop culture, imagine a world where it exists, and then reveal, using hard science, why we don’t have it yet.

Episode 1: Where the f*** is my lightsaber?

The lightsaber. It’s an “elegant weapon for a more civilized age,” a beam of light that slices, dices, deflects blasters, and looks cool as a Wampa’s lair on Hoth. In the hands of a Jedi master, it’s the most formidable weapon in the galaxy. But what if you were able to have your very own lightsaber? On this episode of Futurestalgia, we find out out how close scientists are to making that a reality. May the force be with you.

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