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'We did what we had to do': Protest turns to celebration in Baltimore

Six Baltimore police officers have been charged in connection with the death of Freddie Gray, who died from injuries sustained in custody last month after being unlawfully arrested and shackled in the back of a police van.

The charges, announced by prosecutor Marilyn Mosby on Friday after a surprisingly swift investigation, include counts of murder, manslaughter, and wrongful imprisonment. The six officers are all in custody and being arraigned, according to The New York Times.

At North and Pennsylvania, the site of some of the most angry demonstrations earlier this week, drivers honked their horns and residents pumped their fists in the air while chanting, “Freddie!” and “Justice!”

Protests are still planned for the weekend, however, and some are wary of cheering too soon. “We’re not out of the struggle yet, because the police may be acquitted,” one man told Fusion. “But we’re not gonna focus on the police too much. I think we did what we had to do to make sure that [the officers] were brought to justice.”

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