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Jukebox the Ghost's decade-long ‘marriage’

“It’s like we’re in this marriage and we already had the kids. [They’ve] left the house, we have this empty nest, and we’re just enjoying each other’s company again.” This is how Jukebox the Ghost, a pop trio hailing from D.C., describes their decade-long relationship.

Ben Thornewill, Tommy Siegal, and Jesse Kristin met in college at George Washington University. They came from completely different musical backgrounds, but their passion for music instantly attracted one another. “I remember being very confused by both of them,” said Tommy. “Jesse was all pop-punked out and Ben was the classical boy. It was confusing.” Add Tommy’s alternative jam-rock guitar style and you’ve got a rare combination that pushes the boundaries of any one musical genre.

This year marked something like their 900th show. So what’s the secret? “I think a lot has to do with [us being] decent people,” Ben says. “Or at least they are,” he jokes. “I’m lucky to have them in the band for the next couple of weeks–before I kick them out.”

This is an episode of SoundBites, a Fusion original web series. Whether on tour, at the recording studio, or at home, SoundBites provides a rare, behind-the-scenes glimpse at the lives of today’s top musical artists.

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