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This 8-year-old girl's insane boxing skills will inspire you to go to the gym

We all know that exercise is good for us, but let’s be honest—it’s a challenge to work all day and choose the gym over the couch.

Well, not anymore. After watching this video of eight-year-old Evnika from Kazakstan killing it during a boxing sesh with her dad, you’ll be more than motivated to break a sweat. Or at least, you know, jog lightly to the fridge and possibly do some squats while your Hot Pocket heats up.

Seriously, she’s incredible. Boxing is extremely tiring (it burns about 500 calories an hour), and even if the combinations are memorized, her fists might as well be little Manny Pacquiao clones.

Also, if this little firecracker looks familiar, perhaps you saw this earlier video shot when Evnika was a wee five year-old. Thanks, Evnika, for making “you hit like a girl” the compliment it should be.

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