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WATCH: We uncovered the best treasures from the 'Sabado Gigante' and Univision prop warehouse

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This past Friday, one of Fusion’s parent companies, Univision, announced the upcoming end of the 53-year run of “Sabado Gigante.” Obviously, this is a huge moment in Latino television – the show discovered future stars, reunited families, and united millions of viewers every Saturday night. (It also never shied away from a gay debate, a significant development for mainstream, Spanish-language television.)

It also, of course famous for boasting some of the craziest and most impressive set pieces and props ever. And luckily for us at “Come Here and Say That,” they’re all stored pretty much around the corner from Fusion’s Miami studios. Naturally, being so close to that treasure trove of TV history, we had to convince them to let us go through the maze of old wonders.

Check out what we found! Because the universe is awesome, we uncovered the most magical stuff last.

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