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Fusion's Jorge Ramos on what he learned covering the 2016 race

Cory Booker says running for president wouldn't help him be a 'change-maker'

Unlike his young Republican counterpart Marco Rubio, Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) says he is waiting his turn for a presidential run.

“If I start being concerned about running for President, I tell ya, I wouldn’t do as good of a job as a truth-teller, as a change-maker where I am right now.”

The statement came after Fusion’s Jorge Ramos asked Booker whether he was considering a 2016 run of his own: “Many people think you should run for the White House,” Ramos said.

“It’s the most flattering thing in the world to think that people want to say that about me, but I’m new in this,” Booker, 45, said. “I just got into the United States Senate.”

“President Obama was new too…” Ramos replied.

Ramos also questioned the Senator on a potential run by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie.

“Chris Christie is a friend of mine, we disagree on a lot of things… but he’s somebody I’ve become friends with, worked well with.” Booker explained. “But I don’t know his thinking–I expect him to get in the presidential race.”

Watch Jorge Ramos’s full interview with Cory Booker on Tuesday, May 5 at 10p on Fusion.

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