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Cory Booker: College isn't for everyone

Jobs of the future might not require a college degree. Senator Cory Booker (D-NJ) recently teamed up with Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) to create the LEAP Act, which would create apprenticeships as a means to increase youth employment–allowing them to “earn money while they learn.”

The apprenticeships are focused on “middle skill jobs” in fields like manufacturing and healthcare, which require more than a high school education but not necessarily a bachelor’s degree.

“I would follow your passion and [where] your heart is and a lot of people believe that college is the best way and they should go there,” Booker told Fusion’s Jorge Ramos.

“But we know from the data where the jobs are, often that kind of training is not what the business world or the manufacturing world need. And other countries are getting that – from Germany to Canada – they’re starting to see that they need a robust apprenticeship program for these middle skilled jobs,” Booker said.

The conversation was part of an interview with Jorge Ramos that will appear on Fusion, May 5 at 10p.

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