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Is Taylor Swift dating a soccer player? (Spoiler: No, but there were rumors)

Some woman named Taylor Swift is in the not-news. She may or may not be dating an MLS player, which seems unimportant.

Alright, she’s probably not. MLS players aren’t gossip-magazine rich. But look at the evidence anyway:


Here’s the Swift lady on New Year’s with Sean St Ledger getting all cozy. St Ledger is a 30-year-old defender from the Republic of Ireland who joined Orlando City this season.

Want more evidence? Irish TV station RTÉ picked up the chase and asked St Ledger about it.

“Eh, that’d be an exclusive for RTÉ, wouldn’t it,” he said. “I’m sitting on the fence.”

Of course, in more substantiated news, T-Swift is dating DJ Calvin Harris. But these rumors spare people in Ireland from rehashing Thierry Henry handballs, so we’ll let them continue.



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